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How to password protect a page with Laravel?

I'm trying to set up some page in Laravel that require a password to view.

A page is a model, called Page.

Each page has an associated password, stored in the Pages database table.

The schema

Schema::create('pages', function (Blueprint $table) {     $table->bigIncrements('id');     $table->string('name');     $table->string('client_id');     $table->string('url');     $table->text('content');     $table->string('password');     $table->timestamps(); }); 

I have a route, e.g. Route::get('/page/{url}', '[email protected]')->middleware('gate'); which will show the 'page', it's just a blade/vue file with specific information injected into the template. These pages allow the user to upload files via AJAX.

Currently, I created some middleware to actual authentication part.


public function handle($request, Closure $next) {     if(Cookie::get($request->route('url'))){         return $next($request);     }     session(['page' => $request->route('url')]);     return redirect()->route('gate',['page'=> $request->route('url')]); } 


public function gate_check(Request $request) {   //this part just ensures the correct page is loaded after being authed   $past = parse_url($request->session()->get('_previous')['url']);    if(array_key_exists('query', $past)){     $page = str_replace('page=', '',parse_url($request->session()->get('_previous')['url'])['query']);      $stored_password = Page::where('url', $page)->first()->password;     $password = $request->password;        if($password === $stored_password){       //if password matches, then redirect to that page       return redirect()->route('page', session('page'));     } else {       //else redirect them back to the login page to try again       return back();     }   } else {     //if there is no page information that use should go to, just send them to google instead     return redirect('https://google.com');   }  } 

The idea of the middleware/auth method was to redirect the user to a login page if they weren't authed. This login page consists only of a password that you need to enter.

Once they enter it, I set a cookie so that they can bypass having to re-login again.

I now realise that is is insecure, or at least it seems that way as the expiry time of the cookie can be manipulated by the client/user - resulting in them being able to stay logged in forever.

Just wish to re-iterate that the method described above is working, but it is insecure. I also should re-iterate that these 'pages' allow users to upload files via ajax. And only should the user be allowed to upload if they're on that specific page e.g. by CSRF.

I need a secure way to password protect pages, which the expiry time of the 'session' can be customised. I'd also need a way to 'refresh' or 'extend' the active session without a page refresh using AJAX so that the user can stay on the upload page (in case uploads take a long time).

How would you approach this?

Download script demo [LINK] [Origin]
Download script demo [LINK 2] [Onedrive] Download script demo [LINK 2] [Google drive]