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How to use ID2D1DeviceContext in .NET Framework?

I've built a C++ prototype in order to use following code:

pDeviceContext->DrawBitmap(pBitmap, &rectDestination, 1.0,     D2D1_INTERPOLATION_MODE_HIGH_QUALITY_CUBIC); 

ID2D1DeviceContext extends ID2D1RenderTarget.

Porting my C++ prototype to C# decided to use aybe/Windows-API-Code-Pack-1.1 on GitHub, later I noticed it has only ID2D1RenderTarget but not ID2D1DeviceContext which extends ID2D1RenderTarget.

Unfortunately the DrawBitmap function of ID2D1RenderTarget does not support D2D1_INTERPOLATION_MODE_HIGH_QUALITY_CUBIC, that is only supported by DrawBitmap of ID2D1DeviceContext.

Are there .NET Framework libraries that support ID2D1DeviceContext (and are actively maintained) ?

Or maybe there is a way to use ID2D1DeviceContext with aybe/Windows-API-Code-Pack-1.1 ?


meanwhile I found 2 libs with DeviceContext support:



Download script demo [LINK]
Download script demo [LINK 2] Download script demo [LINK 2]