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Token Autocomplete Search Box

I want to add to my website a (complicated) token autocomplete search box, which has some specific features:

  1. Show the chosen tokens in a box,

  2. Show a list of all the possible token options while typing (autocomplete),

  3. Have support for complex tokens structure,

for example: When I type "food". it will write a "food" box and then let me choose from all the possible foods (which is good in order to split categories).

I saw tons of libraries which none of them fit all my requests. The issues search in gitlab (for example, here: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/issues ) is perfect for me but I couldn't find how to use their libraries.

I would like to get help in how to nicely use their code, or if there's another good option.


Download script demo [LINK]
Download script demo [LINK 2] Download script demo [LINK 2]