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Build array with recursive php function

I have a hierarchy or rooms and subrooms without a universal array mapping it out. Instead I connect the ids of parent to child. So I need to use a recursive php function to loop through subrooms of a room and the subrooms of each of those and on an on and then build an array of all their ids

If I were just going to output each id as a string, I'd do it like this

function get_all_child_subrooms_recursive($rid) {     $subrooms = get_all_subrooms($rid); // a function that grabs an array of direct children room id's to the parent room ($rid)     if ($subrooms == "") {         return;     } else {         foreach ($subrooms as $subroom) {             $rid = $subroom;             echo $rid .',';             get_all_child_subrooms_recursive($rid);         }     } } 

But I need this data returned as a flat array containing all the id's

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