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Working with star drop down list with ajax call

The web page has users select a start rating for the difficulty of hike they would like to go on, and uses that and another params to do an ajax call from a hiking api. I need help with giving the star rating they click a numerical value so I can make it a param(minstars) in the ajax call.

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function (location) {      var maxDistance;     var minLength;     var minStars;     var apiKey = "key=200749192-819757ad274cc592a221c4c70b9c441e";     var i = 0;     var trails;     $("button").on("click", getTrails);      function getTrails(event) {         maxDistance = $(".maxDistance").val();         minLength = $(".minLength").val();         console.log(location.coords.longitude);         console.log($(".minStar").val());         console.log(maxDistance);         console.log(minLength);         var queryURL = "https://www.hikingproject.com/data/get-trails?" +             "lat=" + location.coords.latitude + "&lon=" + location.coords.longitude +             "&maxDistance=" + maxDistance + "&minLength=" + minLength + "&minStars=" + minStars + "&" + apiKey;          event.preventDefault();         $.ajax({                 url: queryURL,                 method: "GET"             })             .then(function (response) {                 trails = response.trails                 console.log(queryURL)                 $(".name").html("Trail Name: " + response.trails[i].name);                 $(".location").html("Location: " + response.trails[i].location);                 $(".ascent").text("Ascent: " + response.trails[i].ascent + "ft");                 $(".descent").text("Descent: " + response.trails[i].descent + "ft");                 $(".length").text("Length: " + response.trails[i].length + "mi");                 $(".stars").text("Stars: " + response.trails[i].stars);                 parseDifficulty(response.trails[i].difficulty);                  i++;                 if (i === trails.length) {                     i = 0                 }                  fetchWeather(response.trails[i].location);             });     } 
Download script demo [LINK] [Origin]
Download script demo [LINK 2] [Onedrive] Download script demo [LINK 2] [Google drive]

You can add values to the stars by adding value attributes to each of them. It would look like so:


You'd then get the value selected by doing this:


You could set a listener for it to change the value automatically as well: (Note -- You'd have to declare the variable globally so the function you call has access to it)

$("minStar").change(function(){   minStarRating = $(this).children("option:selected").val(); 
see demo
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