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I'm trying to write an AJAX post function to be recieved by one of my django views, however it isn't working.

Here is my ajax call

                $.ajax({                      url : 'localhost:8000/increment?amount=5&persist=yes',                     type : 'POST',                     data : {                         'amount' : amount                     },                     dataType:'json',                     success : function(data) {                                   alert('Data: '+data);                     },                     error : function(request,error)                     {                      }                 }); 

and here is the django view that is supposed to be recieving it

@login_required def Increment(request):     if request.method=="GET":         amount = request.GET.get('amount', 0) # returns 5         persist = request.GET.get('persist', 'no') #returns yes     profile = get_object_or_404(Profile, user=request.user)     profile.coins += amount     profile.save(update_fields=['coins'])     return HttpResponse('') #return void 
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