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Wordpress not sending email with Mailtrap

I followed these instructions.


Emails are sending and working for woocommerce, for example when I complete a purchase invoices are sent. But for some reason emails do not send when registering new users to the site.

Is there some log I can check in wordpress for this.

Update: I only have this problem on localhost using Xampp. The real server seems to work fine.

Thanks in advance

Download script demo [LINK]
Download script demo [LINK 2] Download script demo [LINK 2]

You can configure C: mppphpphp.ini and c: mppsendmailsendmail.ini for gmail to send mail.

  1. In C: mppphpphp.ini you can try to:

    Uncomment 'extension=php_openssl.dll'

  2. Find [mail function] and change:

    SMTP=smtp.gmail.com smtp_port=587 sendmail_from =
    [email protected] sendmail_path =
    ""C: mppsendmailsendmail.exe" -t"

  3. Open C: mppsendmailsendmail.ini and replace with

    smtp_server=smtp.gmail.com smtp_port=587 error_logfile=error.log debug_logfile=debug.log [email protected] auth_password=my-gmail-password [email protected]

see demo
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