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Share code Foundry Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder Link mega

Foundry is a robust, responsive multi-purpose HTML5 template compatible with Bootstrap. Take your Startup business website to the next level, show off your one-page portfolio with smooth parallax, boost your blog and amp up your multi-page corporate or mobile app website. Sell more with a responsive

Foundry is a robust, responsive multi-purpose HTML5 template compatible with Bootstrap. Take your Startup business website to the next level, show off your one-page portfolio with smooth parallax, boost your blog and amp up your multi-page corporate or mobile app website. Sell more with a responsive real estate or restaurant landing page. Foundry puts reusable HTML and modular CSS first, blending contemporary styling with beautiful markup throughout each HTML template in the pack. Variant takes the pain out of building a website. Use our exclusive page builder to save time. Foundry forms the ideal starting point to static or CMS website projects of any kind.

Please note that after March 31 2020 there will be no Instagram functionality as Instagram is switching off the API which was used in Foundry to display an Instagram feed.

  • Build multi-page sites and one-page sites
  • 100+ Fully responsive HTML template files
  • 20+ Unique niche concept home pages
  • 95+ Blocks in Variant Page Builder
  • Boxed or wide layouts via a single body class
  • Square or Round buttons via a single body class – get the “Pivot” look easily
  • Choose from our 9 Hand-picked fonts in Variant – use any of the 400+ free Google Fonts in HTML
  • Over 1000 icons to choose from with four font icon sets included
  • Multi-column “mega-menu” and double-level drop-down menus
  • Centered logo and offscreen menu types – all responsive for mobile users
  • Multiple colour schemes included – or easily make your own with provided .less files
  • Light and dark skins by adding easy-to-use classes
  • Modals to support forms, iframes or any HTML
  • Auto-load and delay-load modal functions with cookie supported dismiss
  • LESS files included – make your own colour schemes with ease
  • In-house developed, purpose-built, ultra-smooth hardware-accelerated, cross-platform smooth parallax and scroll handling script
  • Variant Page Builder included
  • Flexslider included – with “Ken Burns” style option
  • Based on Bootstrap 3.3.5 – all common elements are styled
  • Ajax MailChimp and Campaign Monitor form integration with validation
  • Twitter feed integration
  • Flickr album gallery
  • Fully realised shop layouts
  • Full blog layouts with sidebars
  • Disqus comments integration
  • Simple newsfeed pages
  • Youtube video section backgrounds
  • Google Maps API enabled maps with retina map markers added via simple data attributes
  • Custom Youtube and Vimeo embed modals
  • Custom filterable portfolio Sections
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Widgetised menu and footer structure for maximum flexibility
  • Dev-friendly – Atomic design means developers know what to expect when customising markup
  • Ajax and validation on all contact forms – just add your SMTP settings to mail.php
  • Fully documented with online docs pages covering all elements in-browser
  • Clever spacing classes for ease of use and maximum flexibility
  • Dedicated support forum
  • FREE updates to come! Tell us what you’d like to see via Twitter @mrareweb

Buyers LOVE Foundry and Variant Page Builder! Click here to read all reviews…

Click here to read all reviews

Meet Your Ultimate Design Toolkit

Foundry is a versatile, high-performance template boasting an extensive array of styled elements for all occasions using clean, semantic markup and well-structured CSS and LESS that developers love. Foundry will feel right at home on any business website, and excels in portfolio and personal website applications.

Create engaging and alluring landing pages that build trust and confidence through the use of consistent and original design elements.

What you see is exactly what you get… Build in real-time using a vast array of meticulously designed blocks in our exclusive Variant Page Builder. Quickly mock up ideas and experiment with layouts in real-time, then export straight to HTML with no junk code and no inline style. Save your nav and footer to assemble your whole site in Variant – just apply the same nav and footer to each page. Build one-page sites by easily linking your nav items to sections on the page! Light and dark skins – hit the lights on any section to give your site a different feel with the flick of a switch. Smooth parallax is just one click away – switch parallax on in any section that has an image background.

Goodbye, Scrolljank! We’ve gone to great lengths to improve cross-platform user experience, developing an in-house scrolling plugin that integrates hardware accelerated parallax. Developed using all available browsers on both Windows and OSX, we’ve achieved smooth scrolling on trackpads and mouse wheels that feels natural and unobtrusive. It’s so good you won’t notice it’s there.

Some images cannot be supplied in download package, and have been heavily blurred for licensing reasons. Free and original images (such as those sourced from are included in original form.


 =================================================================== v - 24 May 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Twitter feeds not working  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE - js/twitterfetcher.min.js  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.9 - 28 October 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Nav menu saving is fixed in Variant           * Navs auto-update across pages  UPDATE - Twitter feeds no longer need Widget IDs.  See docs.           * New pages use data-feed-name instead of data-widget-id.           * Old widget IDs will still work (no need to change html)  UPDATE - Smoothscroll plugin updated, no need to alter any HTML.  NEW    - Better pages management in Variant:           * Pages can be renamed           * Added a “New Page” button to start blank new page           * The user now operates in a saved page at all times  FIX    - Form redirect data attribute output from Variant fixed FIX    - Colour scheme choice is applied properly to exported pages FIX    - Page title is applied properly to all exported pages  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE - variant/js/variant.js FIX    - variant/builder.html UPDATE - js/twitterfetcher.min.js UPDATE - js/smooth-scroll.min.js UPDATE - all twitter feed divs now have data-feed-name attribute  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.8 - 19 August 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - Google Analytics Tracking ID input in Variant NEW    - Page meta description input in Variant  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE - renamed variant/js/init.js to variant.js  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.7 - 11 July 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Transparent navigation appearing as white  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- css/less/theme.less css/theme.css  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.6 - 12 June 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Autoplay issue with local video modals NEW    - New blocks aded to Variant UPDATE - Instagram feed changed to accommodate new API restrictions          see documentation for updated solution.  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- css/less/theme.less css/theme.css js/spectragram.min.js *.html variant/builder.html variant/js/init.js docs/index.html  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v - 12 May 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Added class ‘scroll-assist’ to body of each page           to activate smooth parallax by default FIX    - Replaced instagram plugin to fix bugs  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- css/less/theme.less css/theme.css js/spectragram.min.js *.html  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.5 - 10 May 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - “Exit” modals added to allow modal popup on mouse leave NEW    - Added captioned images to Variant sections NEW    - Added image tiles to Variant sections   Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- js/scripts.js elements-modals.html /variant/builder.html  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.4 - 26 April 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Youtube Background poster display on tablets FIX    - allowfullscreen=“allowfullscreen” added to video iframes FIX    - lightbox.min.js included in Variant output for flickr feed FIX    - Edit Link target dropdown showing correct target now NEW    - Added option data-fixed-at for bar style navs to specify          scroll position at which to become fixed to top of window  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /variant/builder.html           - Edit Link fix, lightbox fix /js/scripts.js                  - data-fixed-at option added /variant/js/init.js             - Edit Link fix home-adventure.html             - allowfullscreen on iframe home-default-2.html             - allowfullscreen on iframe home-event.html                 - allowfullscreen on iframe home-fashion.html               - allowfullscreen on iframe home-music.html                 - allowfullscreen on iframe elements-modals.html            - allowfullscreen on iframe elements-video.html             - allowfullscreen on iframe blog-masonry-2col.html          - allowfullscreen on iframe blog-masonry-sidebar-right.html - allowfullscreen on iframe blog-masonry-sidebar.html       - allowfullscreen on iframe blog-no-sidebar.html            - allowfullscreen on iframe blog-sidebar-right.html         - allowfullscreen on iframe blog-sidebar.html               - allowfullscreen on iframe blog-simple-feed.html           - allowfullscreen on iframe *.html                          - initial viewport scale changes to 1.0 /css/theme-*.css                - improve poster image for vid bgs  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.3 - 23 March 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Accordions in Variant work when cloning an entry FIX    - scripts.js now checks for sliders before initing sliders FIX    - Fixed signup forms for IE FIX    - Accordion + and - icons (themify) now an icon dependency FIX    - Fix for icon packs not being included in variant output  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /variant/builder.html     - Icon dependency fix /js/scripts.js            - Signup forms and Slider init fix /variant/js/init.js       - Icon pack output fix  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.2 - 10 March 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - Added new Instagram gallery block to Variant NEW    - Added banner from Fashion Home to Variant FIX    - Fixed Twitter Feeds not displaying  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /variant/builder.html  - Added new blocks /js/scripts.js         - Fixed Twitter code  /js/twitterfetcher.min.js - Updated plugin for Twitter feeds fix  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.1 - 1 March 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE - Modals with long content are now automatically scrollable NEW    - Added Flickr album block to Variant NEW    - Added Logo Carousel block to Variant FIX    - Fixed page saving and “Edit Title Tag” bug in Variant NEW    - Variant now removes any reference to unused CSS & JS files FIX    - Resolved Instagram sometimes not getting correct feed  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /variant/init.js       - Fixed page saving and “Edit Title Tag” Bug /variant/builder.html  - Added flickr gallery & logo carousel blocks /js/scripts.js         - Scrollable Modals  /css/theme.css         - Scrollable Modals /js/spectragram.min.js - Updated plugin for Instagram feeds fix  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.9.0 - 27 January 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - Added Home Agency 2 layout (home-agency-2.html) NEW    - Added card elements (elements-text-image.html) FIX    - Parallax background heights and positions now recalculate          when an accordion tab is clicked  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- elements-text-image.html home-agency-2.html /css/theme.css  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.8.3 - 23 November 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Variant is now including icon pack required for sliders FIX    - Mobile menu closes when a.inner-link is clicked FIX    - Parallax background heights and positions now recalculate          when an accordion tab is clicked  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /variant/builder.html /variant/js/init.js /js/scripts.js  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.8.2 - 18 November 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - iframe modals getting bad src attribute  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- elements-modals.html /js/scripts.js  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.8.1 - 5 November 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX    - Video modals in Variant issue resolved FIX    - Updated modals in elements-intros.html to new markup UPDATE - Parallax script is now using strict mode  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- elements-intros.html /css/theme.css /css/less/theme.less /js/parallax.js /js/scripts.js /variant/builder.html /variant/js/init.js  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.8.0 - 21 October 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - Centered logo nav style NEW    - Fashion home layout UPDATE - MailChimp & Campaign Monitor signups now submit via ajax  UPDATE - Consolidated embedded video modals (see documentation) FIX    - Checkboxes in modals issue resolved FIX    - Form validation will now only show after form is submitted FIX    - Nav example pages now contain the appropriate nav  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- * All pages containing an email or signup form /js/scripts.js /css/theme.css /css/less/theme.less /home-fashion.html /elements-lists.html /variant/builder.html /variant/js/init.js /docs/index.html /nav-*.html  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.7.4 - 16 September 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - Flickr Album Feeds (see elements-galleries.html) NEW    - Icon bulleted lists (see elements-lists.html) UPDATE - Added captionable images (see elements-text-image.html) UPDATE - API Maps can now use coordinates in the address attribute          meaning more than 10 markers can now be placed on map. FIX    - Fixed HTML5 video slider in Variant  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /js/scripts.js /css/theme.css /css/less/theme.less /elements-text-image.html /elements-galleries.html /elements-lists.html /variant/builder.html /docs/index.html ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.7.3 - 3 September 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - HTML5 Video sliders added to Variant FIX    - Fixed instagram feed sometimes showing wrong feed FIX    - Fixed search box zooming on iOS FIX    - Fixed offscreen nav position when zooming in Safari FIX    - Variant shortcuts. Now resize columns with ctrl+[ & ctrl+]  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /js/scripts.js /css/theme.css /css/less/theme.less /variant/builder.html /variant/js/init.js ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.7.2 - 12 August 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - Video sliders (with smart auto play / pause) UPDATE - Optimised Youtube background loading UPDATE - Optimised fullscreen video background sizing  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /js/scripts.js /css/theme.css /css/less/theme.less /elements-video-background.html /elements-video-slider.html  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.7.1 - 9 August 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX - Fixed horizontal scroll bar appearing on some Windows browsers  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.7.0 - 3 August 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW    - Added multiple icon packs and icon filtering to Variant NEW    - 3 new icon packs available in css and fonts folders FIX    - Made Google maps non-draggable on mobile screen sizes FIX    - Slim footer alignment on mobile screen sizes is resolved UPDATE - Added mail.php timezone option as some servers require it NEW    - Added “Product Single” section to Variant NEW    - Winery home page layout NEW    - Added a new Contact Page  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /js/scripts.js /mail/mail.php /mail/lib/mail_sender.php /home-winery.html /page-contact-3.html /docs/index.html /css/theme.css /css/less/theme.less ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.6.3 - 22 July 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED - Updated Bootstrap to 3.3.5  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /js/bootstrap.js /js/bootstrap.min.js /css/bootstrap.css /css/bootstrap.min.css  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.6.2 - 18 July 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- FIX - Corrected notification appearing with no cookie set FIX - Fixed mobile toggle not working FIX - Modal buttons no longer scroll page to top  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /js/scripts.js /css/theme.css /css/theme-*.css  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.6.0 - 17 July 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW - Added new modals and notifications (see elements-modals.html) NEW - Added a personal trainer / fitness home layout (see home-fitness.html) UPDATE - Mail sending script is now easier to read and customise UPDATE - Better handling of phone numbers in mail sending script FIX    - Offscreen menu scrolling in Safari  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /css/less/*.less /css/theme.css /js/scripts.js /variant/builder.html /mail/mail.php ADDED home-fitness.html ADDED elements-modals.html ADDED - /mail/lib/mail_sender.php  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.5.0 - 9 July 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW - Added new product landing page (home-app-landing-2.html) NEW - Added new home layout: “Agency” (home-agency.html) NEW - Added new nav: “Offscreen menu” NEW - Added Google Maps API Support NEW - Added font option “Poppins” in Variant NEW - Added coming soon block to Variant FIX - Minor bug fixes  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- /css/less/*.less /css/theme.css /js/scripts.js /variant/builder.html home-app-landing-2.html home-agency.html  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.4.0 - 25 June 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW - Added Ken Burns slider effect (see home-photography-2.html) NEW - New Ken Burns Slider Variant block FIX - Instagram sometimes showing wrong feeds FIX - Saving custom options bug in Variant FIX - Only initialise Instagram if feed is present   Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- -    variant/builder.html -    variant/init.js -    js/scripts.js -    css/theme.css -    css/less/theme.less  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.3.0 - 19 June 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW - Added Disqus comments integration NEW - Added blog-single-disqus.html NEW - Added two new blog blocks to Variant  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- -    variant/builder.html -    variant/js/init.js -    js/scripts.js -    css/theme.css -    css/less/theme.less  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.2.0 - 2 June 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW - Added lightbox gallery to Variant FIX - Fixed icons not showing for some users FIX - Fixed elements not being clickable in event page  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- -    variant/builder.html -    variant/js/init.js -    css/themify-icons.css -    css/theme.css -    css/less/theme.less  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.1.0 - 29 May 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW - Added restaurant blocks to Variant  Files affected: ------------------------------------------------------------------- -    variant/builder.html  ===================================================================  =================================================================== v 1.0.1 - 28 May 2015 -------------------------------------------------------------------  Initial Release  =================================================================== 

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